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?, G 285
à jour au: 2016
1972 Plan Jim Hartvig ANDERSEN, LOA: 11.95m, Cold moulded mahogany, build in Denmark at Walsteds Bådeværft,


1979 Fasnet Race: DNF
From Facebook June 2019, "Nearly 40 years ago she survived a pitch pole during Fastnet 79
The masthead was under water ahead of the boat. The windex ripped off and the masthead VHF antenna was dangling attached only to the coax cable. None of us on Tai Fat will ever forget the movement, sounds and MOB who was always attached to a tether even when Birger was under water and under the boat. All ended well for us.

Picture from One Ton Class Facebook 2017,

Tai Fat, GER 285

2009 Cuxport Cup Cuxhaven - Helgoland: 13e/15 ORCC 2 en 4h19', MAHLMANN

2014 Pictures from One Ton Class Facebook,

Then after refit

2016 Sailing in Germany with IMX 40 genaker...homeport Hamburg, Pictures from One Ton Class Facebook,

2019 12 juin, Mittwochs Regattahinter Hanskalbsand, after 3 races: 10- dnc - 2 - 11 = 11e/20, Marc Daniel MAHLMANN
June, From Facebook, "slamming down the field at #MittwochsRegattahinterHanskalbsand second downwind leg. At the helm: Marc-Daniel Mählmann & daughter in a baby towel, at tactics: Bjoern Athmer"