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Saryba, E 2408
à jour au: 2010
1983 1985 Plan Humphrey #40, built by Custom Naval

Information from Humphrey Design website (2017) "Jaime Yllera’s Saryba was a hull sister to Jade but a little further oriented towards cruising in her deck layout and interior, with cockpit seats and coamings, for example. For all this, Saryba was to become a highly competitive boat in Spain for a number of years, winning Yllera the much valued Copa del Rey several times"

1985 July "Seahorse",

August, Admiral Cup: ?e/57, Spain Team: 19e/19, Jaime YLLERA

1996 Septembre "Yachting World",

2009 15 avril, Hublot Palmavela: 5e/5 RI2, John GALE

2010 2 mai, Coupe du Muguet: DNS
12 juin, 1 Femme, 1 Homme, 1 Bateau: 10e/12 en 5h58' temps réel, Bruno PUYOU
2 juillet, Certificat HN et ORC, Bruno Puyou,
Saryba, FRA 9713