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Ruffian, 2900
à jour au: 2015
1970? Plan Billy Brown,

"Ruffian": a 35'-0" sloop designed by Billy Brown and constructed by his brother Dick Brown in their pig shed in Portaferry, Northern Ireland.
She was built upside down using three skins of cold moulded mahogany.
She was designed to rate at 27.5ft. IOR and came out slightly lower, enabling them to make the necessary changes to bring her up to the rating. She was designed for the 1971 Fastnet Race.
Due to the Northern Ireland 'troubles' she does not carry a K or an IR prefix to her sail number.

1971 Billy Brown designed One tonner Ruffian on launch day, picture from Northern and Southern Ireland racing yachts past and present Facebook page (2019):

Royal Ulster Yacht Club offshore race from Bangor around Ailsa Craig and back to Bangor
: 1er/??

1973 23 juin, Morecambe Bay Race, 210': 1er/16 Classe III en 40h20', J. KENSETT
3 aout, Channel Race: 7e/24 Classe III en 31h24', rating: 27.1'
11 aout, Fastnet Race: 19e/42 Classe III en 138h03'

1976 Bangor - Cork Race: DNF

Information and picture received from Vincent D, June 2015:

Pictures recieved in 2020