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Regardless, US 40625
à jour au: 2015
1985 Plan Nelson/Marek, built by Kiwi, G Carlin,

1986 Janvier "Course au Large",

SORC: 2e/17 Classe 5, Bill CORCORAN
Avril "Course au Large",

One Ton Cup, Palma de Majorque: 9e/33, ?
Acheté par des Japonais

1987 Devait participer au SORC;

2003 Chicago NOOD regatta, with "Obsession", picture from One Ton Class Facebook 2015:

2015 October, From One Ton Class Facebook: "OH Rodgers filled and faired out the stern sections in the mid-90s. I sailed on the boat in the Daytona-Bermuda race shortly after, we were 1st to finish (against boats up to 65') and corrected 2nd overall, despite breaking a running backstay and having to jury rig. I delivered the boat back to Fla from Bermuda, we had to lie a-hull for about 18 hours in a 50 knot storm. Good boat, and fast. Cool to see Regardless on the page, I was wondering when she would pop up. Spent many a day racing her in Chicago. Loved this boat and its great crew! Hope she finds a good home."

October, For Sale, 18 000 USD