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Oromocto, GER 488
à jour au: mai 2016
1971 Plan Gilgenast, built by De Dood, LOA: 12,001m

1971 Owner: Mr GRETEN,

2010 23 mai, Bremerhaven-Helgoland: 1er/7 Gruppe FCC W3 en 9h47', Kai GRETEN

2012 18 aout, German Classic: ?e/?, Kai GRETEN

2015 Mai, received all information and pictures from Kai GRETEN: "Our One ton Oromocto was built for my grandfather. We keep , maintain and race the boat!"

2016 16 may, W6, Capitell-Cup Rund Helgoland: 1er/13 ORC C, 3h25' elapsed
German GPH: 660.8

2017 German GPH: 661.2

Pictures from One Ton Class 2020,