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The Roperunner, KZ 4499
à jour au: 2016
198? Plan Farr #082 LOA: 12,2m, Farr 40, built at the Marten Marine yard in a hi-tech Kevlar and Klegecell layup

Two Tonners, Not built as a OT

From Farr Design website: "Design ? 81, IOR 40 "FELTEX ROPERUNNER"
This design was conceived as an all-out Admiral's Cup yacht with no concession to any other style of racing or unnecessary creature comforts. The minimum rating of 30.0 feet was decided on not only for minimum capital outlay, ease of handling and a size of boat where optimum performance can be gained very easily in a lightish displacement yacht, but also because over the years minimum rating appears to have offered the best chance of producing the top all-round performance.
Sail area is very height on this design to produce excellent light weather performance and to give more power out of start-line situations where larger boats leave very disturbed air for the smaller boats behind.
The fractional rig was chosen as this will give much faster accelerations in tight tacking situations, starts, rounding marks etc, and wider wind range without sail changes. The resulting moderate size spinnakers also assist with faster and easier handling of these sails compared with masthead rigs.
The hull form is typically Farr with powerful sections, not excessive beam, fine bow to handle a short chop to windward, and as light in displacement as the DLF of the IOR Rule will allow, consistent with all-round performance.
Stern sections are more conservative in beam than is usual from our office to gain better light weather and upwind performance relative to rating.
LOA: 12.046 m/39'7", DWL: 9.360 m/30'9", Beam: 4.022 m/13'3", Draft: 2.192 m/7'2", Displ: 5,609 Kg/12,356 Lbs, Ballast: 2,840 Kg/6,261 Lbs, I: 13.85 m/45'5" J: 4.04 m/13'3" P: 15.22 m/49'11" E: 5.76 m/18'11"

From RB Sailing blog, "Feltex Roperunner was designed by Bruce Farr for a syndicate headed by Don Lidgard to contest the New Zealand trials for the 1981 Admiral's Cup. Design #82 was as noted by Farr, conceived as an all-out Admiral's Cup yacht with no concession to any other style of racing or unnecessary creature comforts."

Feltex Roperunner, KZ 4499
1981 Auckland Anniversary Day regatta: ?e/??
Picture from Facebook 2020,

1981 Admiral's Cup trials: 3/4=/7/1=/5/4 = not qualified /??
Picture from Facebook 2020,

The Roperunner, KZ 4499
December "Offshore",

Southern Cross: ?e/33, New Zealand Team: ?e/11, incuding
26 December, Sydney Hobart: 53e/157 elapsed time 4d03h51', TCF 8037, L. GREEN

1982 26 December, Sydney Hobart: 6e/118 elapsed time 3d13h51', TCF 8027, L. GREEN

1983 26 December, Sydney Hobart: 15e/173 elapsed time 3d20h57', TCF 7931, L. GREEN

1984 "The Roperunner being crowned the Blue Water Champion by the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia for the 1983-84 season."
26 December, Sydney Hobart: 43e/151 elapsed time: 5d11h23', TCF 7931, P. ROBINSON

1986 26 December, Sydney Hobart: 56e/123 elapsed time 4d03h54', TCF 7941, P. ROBINSON

1990 26 December, Sydney Hobart: 21e/49 IOR corrected time 3d05h48', TCF 7909, M. WARD

2016 The Roperunner is based at the Lake Macquarie Yacht Club