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Neptune One, F 7080
à jour au: mars 2018
1977 Plan Peterson, Contessa 35

1978 SNIM, Marseille: 2e/?? Classe 3A, De CONSTANTIN
"Visages de la Voile" Gliksman,

1979 SNIM, Marseille: 4e/?? Classe I à III, De CONSTANTIN
4 aout, La Transméditérranéenne, Marseille-Sidi Bou Said: 2e/?? Classe III

1983 SNIM, Marseille: 5e/5 Classe III, De CONSTANTIN
Trophée UNCL: 164e/219 IOR

1984 Juin et les mois suivants, A Vendre Contessa 35 F 7080...

1989 Février "Yacht Club", A Vendre,

1991 Mai "Yacht Club",

2013 For Sale, located in United Kingdom EUR  65,000 Tax Paid (US$ 89,616), pictures from advertisement:

2015 August, For Sale, "Neptune One" 1977 65000!! Her second owner is a professional skipper and he has ensured that Neptune One has regular and planned maintenance. In 2010, as every 10 years, the bottom was cleaned back and coated with 3 layers of International Gelshield. In 2011 the engine alignment was checked and the sterngland and cutlass bearing were replaced. The Maxprop feathering propeller was thoroughly checked. Also replaced in 2011 was the Henderson pump out system for the Lavac seatoilet. All seacocks were serviced. lying Barcelona, picture from advertising,

2017 Avril, A Vendre "Neptune One", Basé à Barcelone Y.C Prive, place de port 250€/mois, Refit important voiles, moteur 40 cv, ébenisterie teck, Conservateur d'allure, Récente traversée Norvege-Acores en solo en 32 jours, Pas pour les blaireaux ! En toute ou co-propriété
Octobre, toujours à vendre...

2018 Mars, A Vendre "Neptune One", Actuellement Barcelone, Reconverti transat au large en solo, Coque epoxy d'origine. Mat 16 mtr , quille spéciale 2 mtr, 15 voiles North, Ex : Neptune Yachting