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Stinger, US 47505
à jour au: 1975
197? Plan Peterson design #20, construit en aluminium in 21 day build!

Based on the design that had won the previous edition of the One Ton Cup (1974)

1975 Semaine des One Tonners, Saint Petersburg Floride: ?e/11
SORC 75: 1er/?? ttc, Dennis Conner, rating: 27.5'
Avril "Bateaux"

Mai "Voiles et Voiliers",

May "Seahorse",


North American's OTC: 3e/??

One Ton Cup
, Newport: 6e/20
(photos courtesy Steve Kelley, via "RB Sailing blog" )

2018 Peterson Facebook, "I sailed on her on Lake Michigan years ago. Anybody know if she is still on the Lakes?"