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Pioneer Sound, KA B 195
à jour au: 2013
1977 Plan Peterson #47, dériveur, gréément fractionné, LOA 37'

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B 195, B 195
Sélection One Ton Cup pour l'Australie: 3e/??. STEPHENSON
2 novembre, One Ton Cup, Auckland: 4e/14,
1978 Février "Régate":
R B Sailing blog's picture:

B195 in Port Phillip Bay and providing some exposure for the boat's sponsor
Southern Cross Cup: 4 - 3 - 5 - dnf = ?e/? teams, part of Victorian Team.
26 décembre, Sydney-Hobart: DNF,
(DNF: after she cracked her hull about 80 miles off Gabo Island. She retired to Eden to wait out the gale force winds and huge seas that saw a record number of retirements from the race.)
From Internet:

Picture from Peterson Facebook page 2019,

Magic Puding, B 195
Clipper Cup, Hawaï: 3e/39. John KARRASCH, part of Australian Team
"Bateaux" mars 1979

Picture from Facebook 2020,

19?? The boat was later sold in the US and was sailed to San Diego.

???? Then she came to a sad and untimely end when she caught fire in a marina. It is understood that her bow section graced Doug Peterson's garden for many years after. R B Sailing blog's information.

Deception KA, Peterson Sister ship de B195

Interesting comparison of the 1977 Peterson and Farr One Tonners, presented by the late Jack Knights.
B195, aka PIONEER SOUND, aka MAGIC PUDDING is the Peterson boat, Design #47, 4th 1977 One Ton Cup.
The Farr boat represents THE RED LION, MR.JUMPA, SMIRNOFFAGAN, JENNY H, and HECATE, Farr Design #64 and her variations, 1st, 2nd, 3rd in the 1977 One Ton Cup.
The Farr boats were well worked up for the event, while B195 was still building the boat and re-cutting sails right up to the start of the regatta.
The Farr boats, being longer and stiffer, were faster upwind and reaching in the big breeze of the regatta. B195 was faster downwind, and would be the better boat in less breeze.