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2 boats, one from 1975, second from 1979:


à jour au: 2014
1975 Plan Ron Holland, built by P. Johnston, Aluminium, L: 10.90m


1975 Original owner: Hugh Coveney
1er septembre,
One Ton Cup, Newport: ?e/20, Rodney PATTISON, Ron HOLLAND,
Abordage dans un triangle et DNS dans la Grande Course.
Vendu aprés la course - Sold after OTC
Novembre "Neptune Nautisme",

1976 SORC, Miami: 2e/19, Guillermo CRYNS
Silver Apple, E 115
One Ton Cup
, Marseille: ?e/43
, Guillermo CRYNS
Picture from "Bateaux" magazine archives,

1977 Semaine d'Alassio: 1er/?

1979 Picture from Facebook 2019,

From Facebook 2020, "Damien Byrne asks in the comments below if anyone knows what happened to Golden Apple. We have this pic of her – name changed and E on main which is Spain – written on the back of the photos is – Watson & Jamesons 1979 ‘Trial Horse’, Reaching under 95% Tri Radial, 105% Staysail and Main. OPPS: Butch Dalrymple Smith has corrected us – this is Hugh Coveney’s 1975 One Tonner"

???? From Facebook (2019): "Big Apple sank, off the Channel Islands I think?"

This boat is not a One Tonner:

Silver Apple Of The Moon, IR 205
à jour au: 2020
1979 Plan Ron Holland, built by Souters Of Cowes, in wood, LHT: 43.70'
Sister Ship of "Golden Apple of the Sun"

1979 Original owner Clayton Love.
Aout, Admiral's Cup: ?e/57, Swiss Team: ?e/19, B. GUTTINGER
Including Fastnet race: DNF/53 Classe II
Picture from Northern and Southern Ireland racing yachts past and present Facebook 2018,

???? New owner, and new name:
Rebel County

???? New owner, and new name:
Silver Apple Of The Moon,

2011 Vu à Buckler's Hard (Beaulieu River) par Bert, en restauration-refit

2013 Not For Sale

2014 Revu à Buckler's Hard (Beaulieu River) par Bert, bateau toujours en restauration au même endroit:

2017 September, From "Seahorse": "the Ron Holland-designed Admiral’s Cupper Silver Apple rots away up the Beaulieu River in England"

2020 20 janvier, picture from Goerge Isted,