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Another Concubine, KA 4440
à jour au: 1994
1985 Plan Farr #128, by Glass Yachts

December "Offshore"

Southern Cross: ?e/36, New South Wales Team: 3e/12
26 december, Sydney Hobart: 13e/178 elapsed time 4d01h25', TCF 7960, PARKER

1986 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

26 december, Sydney-Hobart: 6e/123 Overall et 3e/? Class B en 3d02h44' corrected time, J.L. & P.E. PARKER

1987 Décembre, Southern Cross Cup: 11e/??, IOR: 30.68', Nouvelle Galles du Sud Team: 3e/?,
including 26 december, Sydney-Hobart: 19e/146 IOR, J.L. & P.E. PARKER

1991 26 december, Sydney Hobart: 5e/31 IOR corrected time 2d21h16', TCF 7965, PARKER

199? New owner, Dennis Millikan, and new name:
Midnight Rambler II, (KA) S 4440

1999 26 december, Sydney-Hobart: 14e/16 PHS en 5d20h00' corrected time, Dennis MILLIKAN, VIC

2001 26 december, Sydney-Hobart: 18e/33 IMS en 3d01h49' corrected time, handicap: 0.7106, Dennis MILLIKAN, VIC

2003 Decembre, comment and picture from Sydney-Hobart website: "Dennis Millikan and his regular crew have completed plenty of offshore racing miles since taking ownership in 1998, including three Rolex Sydney Hobarts, two Melbourne – Stanley and three Melbourne – Grassy Point races.  Midnight Rambler II’s best result in the race was a 5th place on corrected time in 1991."

26 december, Sydney-Hobart: 24e/40 IMS en 3d21h23' corrected time,

2006 2 October, Sailing Anarchy Forum, 2 comments:
  "there was a Red IOR Farr 40 called "Midnight Rambler" for a while. Can't recall what is was originally launched as, but i believe it is still around in Vic somewhere. it was for sale about 12 mths ago." and
"Midnight Rambler was formally known as "Another Concubine" and was built in 85' by Glass Yachts. Still running inline rig but the keel and rudder have been modified by Lyons. In her time has competed in 11 Syd-Hob, now at the RGYC."