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Huon Spirit, KA ????
à jour au: 2020
1984 Plan Farr, Farr 40

1984 26 december, Sydney Hobart: 13e/151 elapsed time 4d14h34', TCF 7970, H. CALVERT

Sagacious IV, KA 4117
New owner, G. Appleby
Australian Admiral's Cup Trials: ?e/??, not qualified
December "Offshore"

Southern Cross: ?e/36, New South Wales Team: 3e/12
26 december, Sydney Hobart: 2e/178 elapsed time 4d00h19', TCF 7950, G. APPLEBY

1986 Hamilton Island race Week: 1er/??
May "Offshore"

Big Boat Series, San Francisco: 1er/17 OT, G. APPLEBY
October "Offshore"

1987 26 december, Sydney Hobart: 58e/153 elapsed time 4d05h24', TCF 7947

Picture from Facebook, Chris Hind (2020),

Sheraton Hobart, KA 4117
26 december, Sydney Hobart: 8e/119 elapsed time 5d02h31', TCF 7955,

1989 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

26 december, Sydney Hobart
: 15e/108 corrected time 3d05h37', TCF 7938, I. SMITH

1990 26 december, Sydney Hobart: 12e/49 IOR corrected time 3d01h44', I. SMITH

1991 26 december, Sydney Hobart: 6e/31 IOR corrected time 7940, I. SMITH

1992 26 december, Sydney Hobart: 7e/33 IOR corrected time 3d02h10', TCF 7869, I. SMITH

1993 26 december, Sydney Hobart: 4e/8 IOR corrected time 4d04h16', TCF 7868, I. SMITH

1994 26 december, Sydney Hobart: 40e/236 IMS corrected time 2d19h34', I. SMITH

Sagacious IV, SP 4117

20?? New owner, Chris Hind

2019 12 octobre, Geraldton Ocean Classic, elapsed time 1d08h47': 1er/3 PHS 2, Chris HIND
Pictures from Facebook, Chris Hind

Lobster Pot Regatta, Perth: 2 - 2 - 3 - 3 - 1 = 1er/5 PHS
19 octobre, Geraldton Return Race, elapsed time 1d05h46':
2e/3 PHS 2

2020 February, Facebook, Chris Hind à Battle Wagons, Lead-Mines and IOR-nosaurs "Meet “Sagacious IV”, a Farr 40 design 136 (One tonner IOR) and one of the 17 listed “Magic Boats”, conceived by Bruce Farr in 1983. They were well regarded in the elite of sailing alongside such famous names as Geronimo, Exidor and Sundance from NZ - showing how it’s done in rough waters and whatever was thrown at them. Sagacious IV performed well in the Sydney Hobart 1984 and 1985 (1St on handicap). In those days – up wind and off the wind performance was premium – unlike the current trend of favouring courses to suit downwind carbon flyers only.
Sagacious IV is now looking every bit the racing beast she is. She has been modernised and refitted to bring her up to today’s requirements including Nav systems and running gear. Showing here as she was in 1985 and as she is now in 2020 the Western Australian Blue Water Race “Geraldton Ocean Classic” (the only pre-qualifier in WA for the Sydney Hobart). This involves a race leg from Fremantle to Geraldton, a weeklong local regatta in Geraldton, and a return leg to Fremantle. The Sagacious IV Offshore Racing team are enjoying the journey developing and racing this old girl back to her former self – restricted of course under IRC rules that do not really favour the sail plan she was designed to sail under. Sagacaious IV now lives in the Swan River at South of Perth Yacht club and goes under the bridges to the ocean at every opportunity – under the ownership of Chris and Annie Hind – she is looking over the horizons to compete once again in the Sydney Hobart – a long way from Fremantle so fingers crossed should the stars align. There are a lot of IOR and similar designs that stand the test of time. They were built for rough water and lived to tell the tale. – go hard or go home