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2 Bateaux:

Black Jack, BL 898
à jour au: 1990
1988 Plan Farr, #138, built by Cookson Boats (Auckland, New Zealand)


1988 Owner: Otto Ludwig
Laurits Von Lachmann rented Black Jack for six months
Kenwood Cup: ?e/43
4 septembre, One Ton Cup, St Francis: 20e/25, dématage,
Circuito Rio, (One Ton championship): ?e/7 OT

Picture and information received from Fernando (2018): "Laurits Von Lachmann rented Black Jack for six months from Otto Ludwig to race in the 1998 Kenwood Cup, in the One Ton Cup 1988 (20th place) in USA and in the Circuito Rio 1988 (Brazilian IOR Championship). Lachmann died in an airplane crash just before the Circuito Rio 1988 and his son, Laurits Friederich Lachmann, raced the boat to victory in the Brazilian IOR Championship competing against the six best One Tonners of the country (Saga IV, Brekelé, Daniel Hechter, Victoria, Blaupunkt and Norsul Saga - ex-Fram X). The boat left Brazil after the championship"

??, ? ????
à jour au: 1990
198? Plan Farr, #185/1, built by ?

1989 New owner: ??,
Arecan Bay, JPN ????
9 mai, One Ton Cup, Naples: 14e/28, UEMATSU
Admiral's Cup: 27e/42 et 13e/22 OT,
Japan Cup: 2e/??

1990 Kenwood Cup: 6e/??