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Smir-Noff-Agen, KZ 3444
à jour au: 2018
1977 Plan Farr #63, dériveur en bois moulé

Dossier plus complet sur le site "RB Sailing blog"
Complete file on "RB Sailing blog"

1977 NZ One Ton Cup Trials: 2 - 2 - dnf (dismasted) - 1 - 2 = 3e/??, qualified, Don LIDGARD

Undergoing a pull-down test in Westhaven, September 1977
"Bateaux" janvier 1978,

2 novembre, One Ton Cup, Auckland: 1 - 5 - 6 - dnf - 1 = 3e/14, Don LIDGARD
Smir-Noff-Agen crosses behind The Red Lion (photo Farr Yacht Design)

NZ Southern Cross Trials: ?e/??, qualified
Southern Cross, (Including Sydney-Hobart: DNF) = ?e/??, NZ Team: 1er/??
"L'Année Bateaux 1978-1979",

19?? Smir-Noff-Agen was later sold in Australia and became:
Vanguard, KA 3444

1978 29 septembre, Montaigu Island Race: 1er/39 IOR

1981 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

26 décembre, Sydney Hobart: DNF/157, R. CAWSE

1982 New owner and re-named:
Scallywag II, KA 4136
26 décembre,
Sydney-Hobart race: 1er/118 elapsed time 3d13h56', TCF 7833, R.E. JOHNSTON
Picture from Facebook 2020,

1983 26 décembre, Sydney-Hobart race: 9e/173 elapsed time 3d19h01', TCF 8047, R.E. JOHNSTON

1984 26 décembre, Sydney-Hobart race: 14e/151 elapsed time 4d15h13', TCF 7960, R.E. JOHNSTON

1985 Sélection Australienne pour l'Admiral's Cup, Melbourne: ?e/??, not qualified,
Picture from RB Sailingblog,

???? Re-named:
Best By Farr, KA ????

2013 August, She is currently laid up in Mermaid Beach (Queensland Gold Coast) awaiting restoration.

2016 September, she is presently being shipped to Dubai, where she will receive a complete restoration and upgrade to have a second life as a modern IRC racing yacht, with a similar approach to that given to the Half Tonner Swuzzlebubble.
Being loaded onto a cradle (above) and truck (below) for her long voyage to Dubai

She will be re-named Oro Nero, and will feature a black and gold colour scheme.
Oro Nero, ?? ????

2018 From One Ton Class Facebook,


All infomations and most of the pictures are from "RB Sailing blog"