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?, US 35007
à jour au: 2019
1987 Plan Berret-Finot-Fauroux, First One Ton, construit par Beneteau

Advantage, US 35007

1997 Cove Island Race: 7e/9 PHRF D, Greg STEPHENS

1999 Cove Island Race: 8e/9 PHRF D en 57h24',

2000 Cove Island Race: 14e/20 PHRF D en 52h01', John VERMEULEN

2001 Cove Island Race: 10e/21 PHRF D

2002 Cove Island Race: 16e/17 PHRF D

2003 Cove Island Race: 19e/20 PHRF D

2004 Cove Island Race: 14e/15 PHRF D

2014 Cove Island Race: 28e/39 Division 3 en 42h56',
Picture from Farms Boat Club website:

13 septembre, Bayview Yacht Club Long Distance Race: 8e/11 PHRF 2, John VERMEULEN

2015 19 septembre, Bayview Yacht Club Long Distance Race: 7e/8 PHRF, John VERMEULEN

2016 "Advantage, a Beneteau First Class 12 was built in 1987. She is a cruiser racer and has done numerous races on the Great Lakes, including Chicago Macks, and BYC Port Huron Macks. The boat is well constructed weathering stormy seas; her crew is well seasoned with a newer generation on board committed to sailing".
17 septembre, Bayview Yacht Club Long Distance Race: 4e/5 PHRF, John VERMEULEN
26 novembre, Cove Island Course: 23e/23 Class E, 51h35'' elapsed time

2018 Cove Island Race: ?e/??, John VERMEULEN

2019 August, Bayview Mackinac Race: 4e/11 Class F elapsed time 44h083', John VERMEULEN