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Windsprite, K 3663
à jour au:
1974 Plan Carter, built in GRP by Plastrend


1974 Morgan Cup: 10e/?? Classe III
Cowes-Dinard: 2e/33 classe III
Page from "Official Guide to The One Ton Cup..." (Facebook 2020),

17 juillet,
One Ton Cup, Torbay, UK: ?e/33, Bruce BANKS
From ??

Photo Patrice Carpentier, archives revue "Bateaux",

Channel Race: 1er/?? Classe III

Fastnet Race: 4e/42 Classe III elapsed time 117h11'

1975 Channel Race: 4e/? Classe III, VAN DAM
Cowes-Dinard: 1er/33 Classe III

Fastnet Race: 4e/42 Classe III, Bruce BANKS
Champion du RORC Classe III

1976 7 mai, Seine Bay Race: 1er/?? Classe III
11 juin, De Guingand Bowl Race: 8e/13 Classe III

1981 Cowes-Dinard: 1er/?? Classe III

???? New owner and new name,
Mischief of Mersea, K 3663

Racing in the Irish Sea, from Wales