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Hobi Horse, ? 6740
à jour au: 2020
1974 Plan Carter, Carter 37


Some races

???? New owner and new name:
Crazy Horse, ITA 6740

Based in Viareggio,

20?? Stored at Marina di Pisa

2010 New owners, Francesco GANDOLFI
Tomira, ITA 6740

2015 Refit, gréement plus haut et mat carbone.
17 juin, Giraglia Cup, St Tropez-Giraglia-Genova, 241': DNF/145 IRC, Francesco GANDOLFI
7 Mai, Vela Cup, Santa Margherita (Italie): ?e/??, avec Dick CARTER à bord

2016 5 Mai, Vela Cup, Santa Margherita (Italie): ?e/??,
Pictures from One Ton Class Facebook,

64° Giraglia Rolex Cup: dnf - 7 - 12 - dnf = 22e/34 ORC B

2017 6 mai, Vela Cup: 68e/173
7 mai, Vela Cup: 8e/13
14 juin, 65° Giraglia Rolex Cup: 23 - 23 - 14 - 10 = 18e/33 ORC B, Francesco GANDOLFI

2018 30 octobre, Sad news from the Ligurian Coast in NW Italy. Francesco reports that due to extreme, 10 meter waves breaching the breakwater at Rapallo Harbor, "the Carlo Riva Marina does not exist anymore and god only knows if it will ever be rebuilt; ... our Carter 37 Tomira was lucky, she still floats and the repair work won’t be much, the major concern is to find berths for 2 boats in an area where 400 moorings disappeared and won’t be available for a time that no one can evaluate (if ever)."

2020 30 may, 151 Miglia: Cancelled/256, Francesco GANDOLFI