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Nadia Catcher, K ????
à jour au: 2020
1985 Plan Jones, built by Oyster


1986 Fin juillet, One Ton Cup, Palma ? - 8 - ? - ? - ? = ?e/33

1988 New owner, new location, Canarian Islands and new name,
Rubicon III, E

Picture from Facebook 2020,

???? New owner, and new name,
Adrenaline, E

???? Picture from Alexander Ott, "Nadia Catcher as I saw her for the first time"

2020 January, New owner, Alexander Ott, based in Lanzarote and new name,
Nadia Catcher, ?

June, From Facebook, "Está en Marina Rubicon, en Lanzarote. Estado de semi-abandono."
July, received from Alexander Ott all pictures and informations, (