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Lightning, US 11434
à jour au: 1973
1971 Plan Stephens, Aluminium built by Minneford Yacht Yard of City Island, New York

1973 SORC: 1er/20 Classe E, rating: 27.0', Ted TURNER
Avril "Bateaux"

Juin "Bateaux"

18 juillet, Skaw Race, 290 NM: 1er/13 Classe III en 45h47'
Admiral's Cup, US team: 4e/16
Fastnet: 4e/60 Classe II en 122h48', R.E. TURNER
Octobre "Bateaux"

6 septembre, One Ton Cup, Porto Cervo: 6e/24
6 octobre, Middle Sea Race, 613 NM: 2e/28 ttc elapsed time 100h06', 1er/5 Classe III

Picture and comment From Everitt Facebook page (2019): "Lightnin' Sparkman and Stephens designed One Tonner sailed by Ted Turner doubled as an Admirals Cupper for the American team in 1973. Got the rating up to the AC minimum by removing the prop shap, p bracket and propeller! Didn't do too badly either despite being very small for her 'new' rating of 30ft - 2.5ft above the One Ton limit!"