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Joint Venture, KA B 7101
à jour au: 2017
1985 ou 1987 Plan Dubois, construit avec du titane et du nickel cobalt(!),

1987 Novembre, mise à l'eau du bateau
Décembre, Southern Cross Cup: 8e/??, Nouvelle Galles du Sud Team: 3e/?
Including Sydney-Hobart: 16e/146 IOR, 3d04h43' corrected

1988 Février "Course au Large"

4 septembre, One Ton Cup, St Francisco: 14e/25

Western Port Venture,
Southern Cross Cup, including Sydney-Hobart: ??e/99, P. GRANT, Victorian Team

1991 Southern Cross Cup, including Sydney-Hobart: ??e/99, P. GRANT, Victorian Team
Including Sydney-Hobart: 16e/31 IOR, 3d04h43' corrected

Joint Venture, KA B 7101

2006 ORC of Victoria, Hobart, A. McKinnon & Bretlyn Brown

2008 June, RBYC Handicap, VYC: 870P

2014 January, on Royal Brighton Yacht Club list, Bretlyn Brown

2017 January, on Australian Race Boat list, Leeton Hulley

2018 For Sale, One of Australia's most famous racing yachts, with a pedigree history. In need of some major love and attention. Has racing fit out with no creature comforts, so therefore leaves an entire working canvas to build your quick offshore cruising boat. However, it could be brought up to a racing standard again, it has an excellent AMS rating. Genuine offers only please. 1987 Dubois, located in Victoria, 12 500 Aus Dollars