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2 Sharp Design: "Illusion" and "Confusion":

Illusion, K ????
à jour au: 2019
1976 Plan John Sharp, built in the Channel Islands


1976 11 juin, De Guingand Bowl Race: 12e/13 Classe III

1978 One Ton Cup, Flensburg (RFA): 24 - pen - 32 - dns = 34e/36, J. BENJAMIN
Novembre "Les Cahiers du Yachting"

Illusion of Walton, K ????

1990 10 juin, Twostar, Plymouth-Newport: DNF/36, Multiple gear failures, damage to sails and rig. Retired to Newport under engine, Adrian DONOVAN & Steven POLLITT
Pictures from Facebook 2019,

2019 Septembre, One Ton Class Facebook, Michael Morris: "This is my 36 boat: "Illusion". Recent photos and one showing original colours (very yellow!). I'd love to learn more about her if anyone recognizes her. "Illusion of Walton" was built in the Channel Islands to a John Sharp design. Sailed around the south of England for 10+ seasons. Two sailors entered her in the TwoStar from Portsmouth to Newport. She's been in North America since; now in Chester, Nova Scotia."

Confusion, K 1000
à jour au: 1980
197? Plan John Sharp, built in the Channel Islands

1980 Solent Point: 1er/?? Class II, SULLIVAN, SOLLY & MARTELL
November "Seahorse"