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Greased Lightning, GBR 304
à jour au: avril 2018
1982? Plan Pocock,

1979 2/8 Irish Sea Offshore Racing Association Races:
ISORA: 12e/17 A1

1980 4/6 ISORA Races:
ISORA: 9e/24 A1, B. COX

1981 7/7 ISORA Races:
ISORA: 4e/19 A1, B. COX

1982 7/7 ISORA Races:
ISORA: 3e/24 A1, B.J. COX

1983 7/7 ISORA Races:
ISORA: 1er/21 A1, B.J. COX

1984 7/7 ISORA Races:
ISORA: 4e/26 A1, B.J. COX

1985 6/7 ISORA Races:
ISORA: 5e/19 A1, B.J. COX

1986 5/7 ISORA Races:
ISORA: 9e/21 A1, Bernard COX

1987 5/7 ISORA Races, (with this name and sail number):
ISORA: 8e/19 A1, Bernard COX

1988 June, Round Ireland: 18e/50 en 5j18h31', Bernard COX/Vincent Farrell/?
5/7 ISORA Races:
4e/19 A1

1989 6/7 ISORA Races:
ISORA: 1er/11 IOR Class 1, Bernard COX & J. MORRIS

1990 Round Ireland Yacht Race: 1er/?? IMS, Bernard COX

1996 Round Ireland Yacht Race: 29e/55 en 5j07h38', coeff: 1.021, Bernard COX

2000 Round Ireland Race: 4e/28 en 6j08h13', coeff: 1.011, Owned by Bernard COX, Pwellhi Sailing Club

2015 27 Juin, Round the Island Race: en 9h09' temps réel, 437e/496 IRC et 137e/153 IRC 2, Corinne GILLARD

Picture from Vincent Delany

2016 April, pictures from One Ton Class Facebook,

2018 April, For Sale Pocock 38. One Tonner 38, lying East Cowes, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom, £27,495 GBP, Length overall 11.62 metres, Length waterline 8.96 metres, Beam 3.68 metres, Draft:
2.07 metres, Displacement: 5,428 kg, pictures from advertising,