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Liste des bateaux:

Alerted K 3742 Davidson 1980;
Aquila US 69344 Davidson 1986;

Bayside Star KA 3007 Davidson 1980, ex "Szechwan";
Beyond Thunderdome KA 5500 Davidson 1987, 1989 Renammed "Canon Express", 1990 back to the previous name "Beyond Thunderdome", (Plus d'informations et photos sur "RB Sailing blog")
Blue Max
KA S18 Davidson 1986 built by Performance Yacht of Melbourne, 1986 Sydney Hobart: DNS;
1986 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",
Blue Max II KA 189 Davidson 1987, 1987 Sydney Hobart: 20e/153 elapsed time 4d00h11', TCF 7995, G. Sargent, 1989 Sydney Hobart: 20e/108 corrected time 3d06h37', TCF 7986, G. Sargent;
1989 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

Canon Express KA 5500 Davidson 1987, ex "Beyond Thunderdome", 1990 Renammed "Beyond Thunderdome";

Diamond Cutter KA Davidson 1979;

Express KA Davidson 1980, ex "Gold Coast Express";

Gold Coast Express
KA Davidson 1980, dériveur, renammed "Middle Harbour Express", then "Express";
Goldcorp KZ 296 Davidson 1985;

Holidaymakers ? Davidson 1987;
Hops GBR 3742 Davidson 1980, ex "Alerted";

Mad Max KZ 296 Davidson 1985;
Middle Harbour Express KA 237 Davidson 1980, ex "Gold Coast Express", renamed "Express";

Once A Jolly Swagman KA Sm 6 Davidson 1986, 1987 Sydney Hobart: 36e/153 elpased time 4d03h24', TCF 7980, Jacobsen, 1989 Sydney Hobart: 18e/108 ccorrected time 3dd06h13', TCF 7966, Jacobsen, 1990 Sydney Hobart: 13e/49 IOR corrected time 3d01h56', TCF 7966, A. Brierty, 1991 Sydney Hobart: 10e/31 IOR corrected time 2d22h32', TCF 7966, A. Brierty (under the name of "Emeco Once...";
1989 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

Pen Dragon US 57975 Davidson 1978;
Pendragon II US 77177 Davidson ?;
Phoenix KA 257 Davidson 1980, 1980 Sydney Hobart: 21e/102 elapsed time 4d03h23', E. Vidor, 1981 Sydney Hobart: 38e/157 elapsed time 5d07h06', E. Vidor, 1983 Sydney Hobart: 61e/173 elapsed time 4d04h18, E. Vidor;
1981 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",
Phoenix Contractors KA 3007 Davidson 1980, ex "Szechwan" then renamed "Bayside Star";

Sundance II Q 6000 Davidson 1989, 1989 Sydney Hobart: 21e/108 corrected time 3d07h02', TCF 8002, D. Smith, 1994 Sydney Hobart: 65e/236 IMS corrected time 2d21h56', G. Boettcher, "Built in composite for the 1989 Sydney to Hobart by McConaghy boats in Sydney, raced in two Sydney to Hobart races and many events in South Australia. Moved to Queensland in 2005, and then to Queenscliff in 2011", 2017 February seen on Australian Racing list, owner: John Barry, with this picture;

1989 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",
Swuzzlebuble VIII
KA 5500 Davidson ?, 1994 Sydney-Hobart: DNF; (Plus d'informations et photos sur "RB Sailing blog")
from Internet...
Szechwan KA 3007 Davidson 1980, renamed "Phoenix Contractors" then "Bayside Star";

The Ensanda Way KA Davidson 1987, 1988 Kenwood Cup: 8e/43, Australia Team: 1er/?, 4 septembre, One Ton Cup, St Francis: 9e/24;

Witchdoctor KA 2557 Davidson 42 1979 built in aluminium by Aqua Craft, ex "Sweet Caroline"