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Chartreuse II, K 3652
à jour au: 2013
1974 Plan Thomas construit en aluminium par le chantier Allday Aluminium

1974 17 May "Yachts and Yachting",

Le Havre-Royal Sovereign: 1er/8 Classe III en 49h05'

7 juin, Royal Sovereign-Cherbourg: 6e/?? Classe 3
Morgan Cup: 7e/?? Classe III

From Sailing Anarchy Forum 2013

Juillet "Bateaux"
17 juillet,
One Ton Cup, Torquay: 11e/34,
Photo Patrice Carpentier, archives de la revue "Bateaux",

Septembre "Bateaux":

1975 Cowes Dinard: 21e/30 Classe III elapsed time 115h10'
Fastnet Race: 5e/41 Classe III elapsed time 115h10', F.R. DUCKER


2013 From Sailing Anarchy Forum: "Few years later sawed the bottom of the keel off, went fractional on the same mast and it raced as a 3/4 tonner - then was quick in a breeze!
If anyone know where it is these days ( last heard of in Malta in the early 80s ) please ping me. Had some good times on that bus, won round the Island, 10 straight races at the 1 ton trials, but all turned to custard at the worlds in Torquay.
and: "I also saw her in Malta a few years back, besides the 3/4 rig, her coachroof seemed to have been extended. i took a couple of photos which i will search for."