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Thomas, production boat: Big Bolero or Bolero 35.5

David Thomas designed one tonner that was known as the Big Bolero. It was designed to the 27.5' rule.

From Sailboatdata website 2020, (Derived for an IOR 1 ton design.)

Liste des bateaux:

Baccarat K Big Bolero 197?;
Helios K Big Bolero 197?, renamed "Vixen";
Highwayman 2 K 5044T Big Bolero 197?, see below;
Midnight Cowboy
K Big Bolero ?, 1985 CCC Ofshore Points Championship: 3e/? Div A, T.A. Neilson;
K 3762 Bolero 35.5 ?, 1988 Round Ireland Yacht Race: DNF/50, TCF: 0.9519, Martin Crotty, National YC;
K Big Bolero 197?, ex "Vixen", 2013 New owner, based at Largs;
K Big Bolero 197?, 1985 CCC Ofshore Points Championship: ?e/? Div A;
Tekneke K Big Bolero ?, 1982 to 1984 CCC Offshore P. C., 1985 CCC Offshore Points Championship: 1er/? Div A, W.S. Robertson;
1985 11 "Seahorse",
K Big Bolero 197?, ex "Helios", 2012 For Sale, 2013 New owner, renamed "Starcracker" at Largs;

1980 November "Seahorse",

??, K 5044
à jour au: 2020
197? Plan Thomas, Big Bolero


Highwayman 2, K 5044T

19?? New owner, David McLeman

1995 Scottish Series: ?e/??
All information and pictures received from David Dunlop (2020),  

Big Bolero:

Pictures from IOR, RORC & CCA Ocean Racing Classes Facebook page 2020,