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Belita VI, H 1293
à jour au: 1970
1968 Plan Carter, Tina acier, chantier Maas à Breskens, Holland


1968 15 juillet, One Ton Cup, Heligoland: 8 - 7 - 6 - 7 - 2 = 5e/22
Photos P. Gutelle, archives revue "Bateaux",

Septembre "Les Cahiers du Yachting"

1969 Fastnet: 3e/?? Classe IIIa,

1970 West Mersey-Breskens: 1er/8 Classe III en 44h45', BOUMAN
Cowes-Cork: 1er/? Classe III en 56h44'
Novembre "Bateaux" For Sale;

197? Sold
??, R 2913

Belita IV, ?? error or she is the same boat??
26 décembre, Sydney Hobart: 25e/149 elapsed time 4d13h30', D. ANDERSON

???? From Internet Forum: "Hi, in an earlier blog I referred to a Dick Carter designed yacht The Belita, it's the boat in my profile picture witch I have just acquired, I was told it was built in the Netherlands, it's a steel hull and was raced by the Duch in NZ before it was raced in a Sydney to Hobart race, it then went to Melbourne and joined the RYCV it's racing number was R2913. The yacht is in poor condition at present and needs a new skin on the keel and a total refitt, it's currently on hard stand and I am seeking any information on the boat and weather or not it is worth getting syndicate of like minded people together to bring this boat back to its fomer glory. As I am a novice at this any assistance would be most appreciated. PS can any one explain why the keel is hollow there is no ballast."

2018 From Sailing Anarchy forum, "Dick Carter Design boat", "Belita  was found out the back of factory in Melbourne Australia a few years ago, partially restored but with some hideous structure on her deck"