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AUS 980, All Hands On Deck, RM12
à jour au: mai 2020
2019 Plan Raison, Maxi 6.50, construit par IDB Marine

2019 28 avril, 222 Mini Solo, Gênes, 222 NM, Solo: DNS/17 ttc, Christian KARGL
Candidate Sailing Team,
16 juin, Mini Fastnet, Douarnenez, 600 NM: 19e/79 ttc en 4j03h48', 7e/54 Séries à 9h00, éq: Julian KIRCHER

2020 May, Facebook: "Welcome to participants 202 and 203 - Verena Diethelm and Lisa Berger. They are joining Vegvisir Race 2020 in boat number 116 a Class Mini 650. They are up to the mayor 225 nautical miles challenge. The boat's named "All Hands on Deck" and it's the first time Vegvisir Race has the honor to feature an Austrian boat on the starting line. Once again - welcome Verena and Lisa we're looking forward to seeing you in Nykøbing F, Denmark from September 3rd."

11 juin, Trophée Marie Agnés Peron, 220 NM, solitaire: annulée (Coronavirus)
, Christian KARGL
21 juin, Mini Fastnet, 600 NM, double: annulée (Coronavirus)