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Ocean Greyhound, K 808
à jour au: 2020
1980 Plan Peterson-Williams, Ocean 80 #01/10, built by Southern Ocean Shipyards, LOA: 24.54m

Challenger, K 808
August, Sea Horse Maxi Series, Cowes: ?e/11
FCF Challenger, K 808
28 aout, Whitbread Round-The-Race: 15 - 18 - 16 - 20 = 16e/29 en 138d15h27' temps réel, rating IOR: 68.8, Leslie WILLIAMS
1e étape, Portsmouth-Cap Town, 4e en temps réel de 944h48': 15e/29
31 octobre, 2e étape, Cap Town-Auckland, 6e en temps réel de 810h15': 18e/25
26 décembre, 3e étape, Auckland-Mar Del Plata, 7e en temps réel de 652h37': 16e/22
"The Whitbread Round The Wolrd Race 1981-2" magazine,

First Co-Operative,
982 27 février, 4e étape, Mar Del Plata-Portsmouth, 9e en temps réel de 919h46': 20e/23
Picture from the book "En Course" Thierry Rannou

Creightons Naturally,  
Juin "Régate",

"Un Sprint Autour du Monde", G Martin-Raget (1990),

2 septembre,
WHITBREAD Race: 16e/23 Overall, 1er/2 Class Cruiser en 162h06h temps réel, rating IOR: 69,79', J. CHITTENDON
1e étape, Solent-Punta Del Este: ?e/23
Photo T. Vigoureux, Archives de la revue "Bateaux",

28 octobre, 2e étape, Punta Del Este-Freemantle: ?e/23 en ?' réel
23 décembre, 3e étape, Freemantle-Auckland: ?e/23 en ?' réel

1990 4 février, 4e étape, Auckland-Punta Del Este: 16e/23 en 26j16h10' réel
17 mars, 5e étape, Punta Del Este-Fort Lauderdale: 15e/22 en 25j21h22' réel
5 mai, 6e étape, Fort Lauderdale-Southampton: ?e/22 en ?' réel

1991 Mars "Bateaux", liste de loueurs,

Novembre "Voiles et Voiliers",

1993 August "Yachting World", for sale,

November "Yachting World",

1994 April "Yachting World", for sale,

April, 27th Antigua Sailing Week: ?e/??
July "Yachting World",

Aout "Yachting World",

1995 26 April, Antigua Sailing Week: ?e/??, David LEIGH
May "Yachting World",

June "Yachting World",

1996 January "Yachting World",

Creightons Naturally,
Round Ireland Yacht Race: 55e/55 IOR, TCF: 1.322, David LEIGH
November (?), ARC Transat: ?e/??

1997 14 March, off Martinique island, rescue crew of sank sailing boat,
June "Yachting World",

Served many years as a charter yacht.

Creightons, GBR 808
2000 2 November, leaving Plymouth with 18 crew
6 November, 135 NM WSW off Penmarch, distress call, then crew transfered by Helicopter to Brest
Abandoned while on a delivery.
"Bateaux" 2001 February,

Was found with about 7 tons of water...

2001 Refit at Moody's yard
12 August, Fastnet Race, elapsed time 4d08h50': 186e/219 IRC, handicap 1.277, Stuart BOWEN-DAVIES

2003 4 July, Cowes to Saint Malo, elapsed time 1d07h52': 167e/204 IRC, Coeff: 1.271, Stuart BOWEN-DAVIES

2005 1st July, Cowes to Saint Malo: DNF
23 July, Channel Race
, elapsed time 1d09h33': 85e/92 IRC
August, Fastnet race: DNF, IRC 1.271, Stuart BOWEN-DAVIES

2007 Sailing from Antigua to Sydney
Galapagos, picture from Flirck

2010 29 September, Barry Mercer : "Creightons Naturally on which I completed the 1989 Whitbread is now based in South Africa where she is owned by a dentist apparently."
25 October, Barry Mercer : "Now co-owned by a certain Nick Davis. Berthed in the River Gate Marina, Brisbane, Australia prior to re-fit. Extensive plans for future operations - see website "Oceanstory.org." Previously had been docked in Sydney for 2 years"

2011 18 juin, "Sail World" website: "Ocean Story is preparing (In Australia) to undertake an amazing journey to rally support for a unified international event in support of Ocean Conservation"

2015 Late, new owner, Peter

Pictures from https://www.camarasailing.com/about.html

Camara, GBR

2019 "We rescued her in late 2015, spending the following 3 1/2 years on a major refit, which saw us taking her right back to the bare hull, re-glassing where necessary and starting again. It was a mammoth project for us, especially considering we had no outside funding for the refit. We spent thousands of hours of hard labour, just the two of us, lovingly restoring her and breathing life back into her. In return we now have a fully refitted and serviced comfortable cruiser with a racing pedigree that we know every single inch of and have touched and inspected each and every system onboard."
25 décembre, remis à l'eau

2020 Pictures from https://www.camarasailing.com/about.html,

"Also saw an old Djuice Dragons Volvo 60 here in NZ with an Aussie couple cruising it 2 handed