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GV07 Black Pearl, USA 7706
à jour au: 2008
2005 plan Farr, 2e VO 70 construit chez Green Marine à Lymington, UK.


2005 The entry is part of a unique marketing alliance between The Walt Disney Company and Volvo Ocean Race supporting the July 2006 feature film release of Walt Disney Pictures'/Jerry Bruckheimer Films' Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.
13 septembre, mise à l'eau - Lauching
October "The Volvo Ocean Race Magazine",

Octobre "Course Au Large",

Pirates of the Caribbean,

12 novembre, Volvo Ocean Race: 2e/7, Paul CAYARD
5 novembre, Régate In-shore - Sanxenxo: 3e
1e étape, Sanenxo - Cap Town: DNF, arrive à cap Town par avion.
Régate In-shore - Cape Town: 5e
2006 2e étape, Cap Town - Melbourne: 4e
Régate In-shore - Melbourne: 2e à 1'31"
3e étape, Melbourne - Wellington : 3e à 2h50'
16 février, 4e étape, Wellington - Rio : 2e
Régate In-shore - Rio: 6e
5e étape, Rio - Baltimore: 3e
Régate In-shore - Baltimore: 3e à 5'
9 mai, 6e étape, Baltimore - New York: 2e

7e étape, New York - Portmouth: 3e
29 mai, Régate In-shore - Porthmouth: 2e à 4'

8e étape, Portmouth - Rotterdam, par le tour des iles Britaniques: 4e
11 juin, Régate In-shore - Rotterdam: 3e à 4'
9e étape, Rotterdam - Goteborg: 1er

After a seven week refit at Endeavour Quay in Gosport (UK), Mean Machine is on the water, proudly displaying the team's traditional colours.
Mean Machine, MON 70
15 décembre, Mean Machine first 2008/09 VOR team on the water, Peter de RIDDER

2007 Mai, North Sea Race, 110': 1er/40ttc IRC.
16 mai, Vuurschepenrace, 110': ?e/56ttc
ABN Amro North Sea Regatta, 180': 1er/?? en 21h35'50", record de l'épreuve.
Eté, Le team Mean Machine se retire de la Volvo Race 2008.
Novembre, le bateau est repris par le syndicat Russe, pour une tournée promotionnel en Baltique. Photo dans "Seahorse" 333, p 30.
November "Seahorse",

Décembre "Course Au Large",

2008 19 février, Zero carbon Volvo entry, Plans afoot to take Pirates of the Caribbean round the world as the 'Carbon Challenge'
A new 11th hour Volvo Ocean Race campaign has reared its head in the form of the Carbon Challenge Syndicate, headed by ex-Farr and Mascalzone Latino project manager Tom Weaver. By competing in the Volvo Ocean Race, the Carbon Challenge aims to offers global corporations carbon management know-how in 'the Race against Global Warming'. As such, aside from their entry, aboard the former Pirates of the Caribbean, they will be accompanied port to port by a zero-netenergy 'Boathouse'. This is being designed by David Chipperfield, well known for his radical Tracy Island-style Vele et Vents building in Port America's Cup, Valencia. It will serve as a showcase for energy efficiency in buildings and will host a management academy that trains business leaders in carbon management.