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??, GBR 97
à jour au: 2018
2010 Plan Lombard, Akilaria


2011 A Vendre, Akilaria 1ère génération à louer, Cockpit course, mis à l'eau en 2010, B&G H3000, voile North Sails... Mark DENTON
1er mai, Cervantes Trophy: ?e/?? ttc, 1er/?? Class 40
27 mai, Myth of Malham Race: ?e/125 ttc, 2e/?? Class 40
25 juin, Tour de l´île de Wight: ?e/1902, 29e/53 Division 0 en 6h35' reel,
Picture from Internet,

6 aout, Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week: 12 - 12 - 12 - 11 - 12 - 12 - 12 = 83pts, 11e/11 IRC 0
14 aout, Fastnet: 11e/20 Class 40 en 3j17h22' à 3h05'. Julian METHERELL

MAXVMG Fortissimo
2012 5 mai, Morgan Cup Race: 23e/48 IRC ttc en 16h52' temps réél IRC, coef: 1,272, Julian METHERELL
1 juin, 50th Deauville Race / Cervantes Trophy: 85e/95 IRC ttc en 17h38' temps réél
24 juin, Round Ireland Race: 17e/36 IRC ttc en 4j10h13' temps réél
RORC Championship: 26e/292 IRC ttc

2013 4 mai, Cervantes Trophy: ?e/?? TTC, 2e/4 Class 40 en 9h08', Mark DENTON
1er juin, JP Morgan Round the Island: 4e/6 Class 40 à 51', temps réél: 6h29'
27 juillet, Channel Race: 71e/87 ttc en 13h50' réél, coeff IRC: 1,266; Piers TYLER
11 aout, Fastnet: 17e/18 Class 40 en 3j20h30' à 17h12', Mark DENTON

2015 2 mai, Cervantes Trophy: en 20h41' temps réel, 99e/110 IRC, Coeff IRC: 1,266, James CLOSE
19 juin, Morgan Cup Race: en 19h21' temps réel, 88e/103 IRC
27 Juin, Round the Island Race: 7e/7 Class 40 en 7h33' à 58'
10 juillet, Cowes-Dinard-St Malo Race: en 18h19' temps réel, 94e/154 IRC
16 aout, Rolex Fastnet Race, 607': 20e/23 Class 40 en 4j01h02' à 15h42'

2016 14 mai, De Guingand Bowl Race: 1j01h23', 38e/39 IRC ttc
18 juin, Round Ireland Race: 5e/7 Class 40 en 5j00h43' à 1j02h00', James CLOSE
2 juillet, Round Around Island: 2e/5 Class 40 en 8h05' à 2h24'

2017 29 avril, Cervantes Trophy Race: 2e/7 Class 40 en 14h14 à 3', James CLOSE
13 mai, De Guingand Bowl Race: 2e/3 Class 40 en 15h42' à 14'
1er juillet, Round The Island Race: 4e/4 Class 40 en 6h58' à 24'
7 juillet, Cowes Dinard St Malo Race: DNF/8 Class 40
6 aout, Rolex Fastnet Race: 19e/26 Class 40 en 3j19h57' à 16h35'

2018 7 juillet, Round the Island Race: 4e/7 Class 40 en 10h46' à 49'
20 septembre Site Class 40, Our Akilaria RC1 Class 40 GBR 97 is currently seeking new owners. She is one of the latest of the first generation designs which have a fully useable interior for cruising and racing either solo or with up to 8 onboard. She has been operating for the last three years as a charter vessel, and since her launch in 2010 has only ever done European offshore races - not transatlantic and is in very good condition. She has a full North Sails wardrobe in good condition for age, well looked after, B&G H3000 with gyro pilot, MCA coded to operate commercially in the UK. A full inventory of equipment and sails is available on request. The commercial charter business model is sustainable, and we would like to offer shared or full ownership of the yacht with the current charter business based in the UK. The current skipper would be willing to continue to manage the commercial charters and maintenance of the boat. Alternatively she will be reluctantly for sale for £120,000 GBP including VAT. Fortissimo can be viewed in Gosport, UK.


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