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à jour au: 2019
2009 plan Lombard, Akilaria RC1

Mars, mise à l'eau à La Rocehlle.
29 avril: départ de La Rochelle pour Oslo, puis Helsinski
7 juin, Suursaari Race: ?e/??, 1er en Temps Réél. Jouni ROMPPANEN
12 juin, Færderseilasen, Oslo: 28e/49 Lys 40 en 11h18'
1er Juillet, Gotland runt: 3e/7
18 octobre, La Solidaire du Chocolat, Saint Nazaire-Mexique: DNF/24 en . Éq: Sam OHMAN, Jouni ROMPPANEN
5 novembre: probléme de quille. Font route sur Saint Barth.

2010 Inscrit à la Route du Rhum et qualifié.
11 juin, Færderseilasen, Oslo: 8e/12 Lys <1,47 en 17h48',
7 juillet, Eurocard Gotland Runt, 311': 12e/14 IRC C Coeff: 1.298
5 octobre, le bateau est déjà à Saint Malo:

31 octobre, Route du Rhum: DNF/85ttc, Jouni ROMPPANEN
6 novembre, Jouni Ramppanen abandonne et se dirige vers Lisbonne, probléme électronique.

2011 For Sale, Tieto Passion, Akilaria 40 RACING launched in April 2009. A Marc Lombard designed Class 40 monohull constructed with the infusion sandwich process, using multiaxial fabric and vynilester resin
Avril: vendu-sold
Rosa di mare, ITA 82
Roma per 2: DNS/13, Fabrizio GARINO
22 juin, Giraglia Rolex Cup, 241': 133e/184 ttc en 46h59', Fabrizio GARINO

2012 Rosa di Mare Akilaria RC1 class 40 nr 82 à vendre, Bateau en trés bon état, rapide et tout équipé. Inventaire et photo sur demande, Prix 155 000 euros, Fabrizio GARINO
21 mai, Palerme-Monte Carlo Race: 9e/16 IRC, Massimo JURIS
20 octobre, Middle Sea Race, 606': 56e/83ttc en 5j20h38' temps réél. Coeff IRC: 1.249, Michele PUGGIONI

Forty Shades Of Grey, GBR 82
11 aout, Fastnet: 16e/18 Class 40 en 3j19h56' à 16h28', David PEARCE

2014 21 juin, Round The island Race: 2e/5 Class 40, David PEARCE

2015 2 mai, Cervantes Trophy: 2e/3 Class 40 en 18h53'
24 mai, Normandy Channel Race, Ouistreham: 10e/16 en 5j13h49' à 11h00', éq: Paul PEGGS
19 juin, Morgan Cup Race: 3e/5 Class 40 en 18h23' à 21'
27 Juin, Round the Island Race:
2e/7 Class 40 en 6h37' à 2'
10 juillet, Cowes-Dinard-St Malo Race: 8e/9 Class 40 en 18h15' à 1h27'
4 septembre, Cherbourg Race: 1er/6 Class 40 en 9h40'
RORC 2015: 4e/32 Class 40

2016 24 février, Akilaria racing 40 "Forty shades" is now for sale.One of the last RC1 hulls to come off the production line and very light and still competitive yacht boasts a fantastic inventory of new sails. with a no expense spared professionally maintained program she is ready for a full season of fun. Full non skid respray along with mast, boom and bow sprite 2015. Keel removed for testing 2015. The list goes on. £145000 VAT PAID. Lying Hamble UK, test sail available.

2017 13 mai, Isora, race 3, 57NM: 24e/32 IRC/Echo, elapsed time: 7h35', Neil EATOUGH

Mueyu, ??? 82

2019 Février, A Vendre - For Sale, 2009 MC-TEC Akilaria RC1 Class 40. 160,000 EUR. Located in Gijon, Spain. From the board of Marc Lombard and uild by MC-TEC, this 2009 Akilarai RC1 Class 40 is a very rapid water ballast race boat with carbon rig, bowsprit, 3m T-shaped keel plus twin rudders. Fully spec’d and ready to go. MUEYU has been well maintained and provides a fantastic opportunity for those seeking some adrenalin fuelled racing or with the addition of a few creature comforts added, some equally exciting cruising. She’s designed to be easily short-handed with her water ballast and an asymmetrical kite flown from the carbon bowsprit and which would her ideal for either a quick blast around the cans or for the more adventurous, some serious off-shore high speed sailing. Class rules forbid the use of canting keels or "exotic" materials in the construction, which serves to keep the cost down whilst maintaining the excitement. Having been designed by the renowned Marc Lombard Yacht Design Group, being known for his Open 60’s “Sill” and “Bouduelle,” there has clearly been no shortage experience and expertise in the creation of these boats. The boat was built by MC-TEC, a company of builders formerly with maxi-boat builder Wally Yachts. In a purpose-built, high-tech factory on the coast of Tunisia, Akilarias are built using industrial female moulds and the SCRIMP vinylester resin infusion moulded sandwich construction technique. 





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