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Checkered Demon, US 10999
A jour au: 2016
1975 plan Ron Holland, construit au chantier Kiwi Boats à Plant City, Floride,

Sert de moule à la série Kiwi 30 (Info "Régates" juillet 1978);

1975 Half Ton Cup, Chicago: 2 - 13 - 3 - 2 - 3 = 2e/30, Loys CHARBONNET
"Neptune Nautisme" décembre

2013 From Sailing Anarchy Forum: "I want to share this gem with you all as well: Checkered Demon, Holland 1/2 ton, still proudly sailing in long island sound. I have sailed all sorts of performance yachts, mumm 30, m24, m32, etc. and this is my favorite boat by far. I dont know what it is about her, i prefer the low and slow of the ior to the new speedboats. For lack of being home and having all the pictures, these are the best of what i have on my computer..."

2016 Off Soundings Spring Series: DNS, Neal O'CONNELL (Niantic, CT)
Off Soundings Fall Series: DNS