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Play and Loss, GR 49019
à jour au: 2021
1981 Plan Georg NISSEN, built by Uinerim

1982 27 aout, HALF TON CUP, Le Pirée, Gréce: 1 - 17 - 3 - 5 - 13 = 4e/38, BEILKEN,

Octobre, "Les Cahiers du Yachting",

? "Bateaux",

Novembre "Yachting à Voile",

New owner, H. Wang, and new name,
Kjappfot, N 4444
Seglade Skaw Race:
?e/?? IOR 5
From Facebook 2021
, "Seglade Skaw Race 1982 i en halvtonnare. En liten båt på det havet kändes som - våghöjd och ström ställde till det för oss. Men norrmännen var vana."

1983 Færderseilasen: 3e/?? IOR 5
18 juin, HALF TON CUP, Hanko Norvége: 24 - dnf - 27 - 28 - dnf =33e/40, H. WANG

1984 HALF TON CUP, Tron Scotland: 11e/32

1985 Færderseilasen: 3e/23 IOR 5, H. WANG

Ingen, NOR ????
HALF TON CUP, Helsinski: ?e/38, ??

20?? New Owner, Lotte Johansson

2020 Pictures and comment from Norway Half Ton Class Facebook, "PLAY and LOSS one of, vann sitt allra första race i Halfton Cup, samma år hon byggdes 1982. Konstruktör Georg Nissen. Byggd av Gunter Knierim. Kallbakad, mycket välbyggd. Så här ser hon ut idag. Kommer till Halfton Cup Hankö 2023. (PLAY and LOSS l'une des, a remporté sa toute première course à la Halfton Cup, la même année, elle a été construite en 1982. Constructeur Georg Nissen. Construit par Gunter Knierim. Froid cuit au four, très bien construit. Voilà à quoi elle ressemble aujourd'hui. Arrive à Halfton Cup Hankö 2023)".

2021 July, From Facebook, "Renovation of "Play and Loss" half-tonner designed by Georg Nissen and built by Knierim, 4:th at HTC -82",
Google translate of top link: "The First Step is now to restore her, piece by piece, to be able to sail her every summer. For me, who was once afraid of water, with my thumb in the middle of my hand, this is a journey that provides a foundation I have missed. Convinced that the path to the next generation's health, is to conquer something practical, such as sailing and crafts. Do you want to contribute to the work of renovating her above deck? For the hull, despite its nearly 40 years, is completely tight, smooth and without deformations. A little plaster here and there, of course. You can find my photos on Instagram.com/LotteStoryteller/. Invest in a hand-signed, numbered fine art print on canvas. That's how I ended up in competition, as a photographer on a 68-foot Bermuda Yawl that has not sailed in 20 years. Straight into the classic regattas of the Mediterranean. I am also on #SalongCFF. Reached on 073 663 12 95"

Lotte Johansson, "When I found her she did not even have aname and her history was unknown. This year sailing and trying her out among great sailors. 2022-2023 time for renovating."