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Scorpion, US 67627
19?? Plan Peterson, design #86
à jour au: 2019

???? owned by Pete Jung

2009 May, from forum: a été à Long Beach pendant plus de 10 ans...

2018 Peterson Facebook, "We have a friend who would like to buy this boat and restore her for current HT racing.
This boat was for sale on YachtWorld for about 10 years, listed as a Peterson 30 or a Didham 30 in a slip in Alamitos Bay, Long Beach, California. It isn't currently listed. The listing agent provided us the contact info for the owner, but it was out of date. If you know the current location of the boat, or know how to get hold of the owner, please let us know.
I last saw it in a Naples slip in Alamitos Bay.
The boat was in Alamitos as Bryan mentioned. We looked at it a year or so ago. Very rough and even if it was free would have been an expensive project. The last conversation and email I had with Doug P was about Scorpion shortly before he passed. I have the owner's contact info, if he still has her.
Please either contact the owner for us, or message his info to us. Potential new owner is looking for a project to restore, so condition does not have to be Bristol.
Looks a lot like Petrified, Blackaller's Half Ton world championship effort. 1978 I think.

2008 Beginning of extensive repairs and refinishing