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Trouble Shooter, S 8840
à jour au: février 2012
1980 Plan Leif Gustafsson, built by the owner/skipper, divynicell/airex hull, fractional rig,

1980 HALF TON CUP, Sandham: ??e/48. Thorsten BRUNIUS
Winner of World Champion National Team trophy.

1981 HALF TON CUP, Poole: ??e/32. Thorsten BRUNIUS, en photo dans "Bateaux":

1982 HALF TON CUP, Piraeus: ??e/38. Thorsten BRUNIUS

1983 Sold to Norway

2012 February, mail from Dan Göransson with all information and this comment: "Curiosity: is that the boat was designed especially to participate in HTC 1980 and with a prolonging of the hull, alteration of the fractional keel, and a new rigging, she should be able to measure as a ¾-ton for the World Cup in Finland 1981.
However, finishing the Swedish national trials for HTC as 2nd/approx 30, only beaten by Peter Norlins ?Butterfly? (thanks to the first IYRU:S ?compensation? rule), but ahead of other designers/skippers as E. Still from Finland, Hakan Södergren, Rolf Magnusson and Bergstrom/Ridder from Sweden... The Trouble
Shooter yachts and skipper had a respectful reputation all over Sweden and Scandinavia. Unfortunately, skipper Thorsten Brunius died in cancer some ten years ago. His memory lives with a Swedish Rescue Boat that bears his name."