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Super Nova, K 5011
à jour au: avril 2021
1974 Plan
Stephen Jones

1974 HALF TON CUP, La Rochelle: ? - ? - ? - ? - ? = ??e/44,

From Facebook 2019,

Comment from Facebook 2021, "She was moored at Poole for a time in the late 70’s and early 80’s along with here close sisters Casanova and Smiffy.. happy memories!"
Comment from Facebook 2021, Keith, "I'm familiar with this boat having sailed her in the late 70's, in the Bristol Channel. The owner George Robins fitted a brand new bukh engine. He also changed the mast, which I believe came from a Sigma 33. She sailed extremely well and she is a development from Stephen Jones first half tonner called Tumbleholme"

1998 "Owned by a group in North Kent in the late '90s.  Photo is of the boat sailing in Ramsgate Week 1998." Info and picture from Tim Laws

2010 Aout: "Not much is more painful that looking at what the IOR rule did to boats - especially under the water. Stephen Jones drew some particularly tortured shapes, and this one is no exception. We love the text for the ad...."this piece of yachting history, a Steve Jones designed racing yacht, built to represent England in the 1974 World Half Ton Cup. An opportunity not to be missed." Thanks to anarchist Bobby. (from Sailing Anarchy)
Octber: For Sale...15 000 Livres, 17 120 Euros

2011 Received these 3 pictures by mail...

2021 New owner, Paul Gray, "We recently purchased "supernova". Stephen Jones 1/2 tonner. Refurbishment is underway ready to get her back out racing", information and picture from Facebook,