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Super Nova, K 5011
à jour au: octobre 2011
1974 Plan
Stephen Jones

1974 HALF TON CUP, La Rochelle: ? - ? - ? - ? - ? = ??e/44,

From Facebook 2019,

1998 "Owned by a group in North Kent in the late '90s.  Photo is of the boat sailing in Ramsgate Week 1998." Info and picture from Tim Laws

2010 Aout: "Not much is more painful that looking at what the IOR rule did to boats - especially under the water. Stephen Jones drew some particularly tortured shapes, and this one is no exception. We love the text for the ad...."this piece of yachting history, a Steve Jones designed racing yacht, built to represent England in the 1974 World Half Ton Cup. An opportunity not to be missed." Thanks to anarchist Bobby. (from Sailing Anarchy)
Octber: For Sale...15 000 Livres, 17 120 Euros

2011 Received these 3 pictures by mail...