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Act Of Defiance, K 5386
à jour au: 2018
1984 Plan D. Thomas, Toledo Mk2

???? New owner and new name,
Defiance, K 5386

2004 19 June, Royal Mersey YC Reatta: 4e/?? IRC 1, R. MANN

2017 For Sale, lying Cumbria UK,

2018 New ORC Certificates, owner Oleg Zelenin, Lithuania

Comment and Picture from IOR, RORC & CCA Ocean Racing Classes Facebook page 2020, "My Dads last boat, Toledo Mk2 Defiance at the Carl Dyson regatta around 1996 with Rhett Butler in shot. Originally built and modified for the 1986 1/2ton worlds from memory with lovely IOR lumps and Scoop on the transom.  Some may remember her for a Mickey Mouse kite and the Infamous Mickey on the hull under the water line saying F#*k You to all who sailed past! ?? She now competes under ORC in Lithuania after a few years being treated like a caravan on lake Windermere where they took the runners off the rig, one assumes it never went out in breeze that the rig stayed vertical!"