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Hydro-Djinn, K 5550
à jour au: 2019
197? Plan D. Thomas, modified Hydro 28

1977 Tomatin Trophy: 1er/??
Scottish Series: ?e/??
Pictures from Historic Scottish Series Images,

Hydrodjinn, IRL 1145

2010 For sale in Strangford Lough,

2017 Seen at Wicklow Sailing Club on the east coast of Ireland

Picture received in 2018,

2019 New owner Ian Donovan, info received from himself: "The modified Hydro 28, Known as Hyrodjinn sail number GBR 5550  (nick Strattons old boat) is now kept at Newport Uskmouth Sailing Club, South Wales"

2020 From Internet, "Boat is now sailing around Newport, South Wales"