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Lepus Lazuli, K 5494
à jour au: mai 2013
1980 Plan Davidson,


1980 Cherbourg-Poole: ?e/??
, Sandham: ?e/48, PEDERSEN

1981 HALF TON CUP, Poole: ?e/32

1985 Owner: Paul Martin sailing in Dartmouth.
Here are pictures of Lepus Lazuli off Dartmouth 1985 before she was sold to Peter Rutter.
Picture from James Richardson

And from Facebook 2021,

QUOKKA, K 5494
198? acheté par Paul MARTIN

1990 HALF TON CUP, Howth: 6e/8, ?,

"The boat then passed to Paul Martin as part of an exchange for HT K5494 Lepus Lazuli, which became the first Quokka.  Movie subsequently reverted to her original name Espada.  I sailed on both boats during the 80’s."

HALF CUT, K 5494
19?? "Quokka/Lepus later became “Half Cut” after the stern was shortened." In blue infos from Richard Salter and this picture:

2003 CH Marine October League, South Coast of Ireland: ?e/??, sailed by Kieran COLLINS in race 1.