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2 Davidson Half Ton:


Blitzkreig, KZ ????
à jour au:
1970 plan L. Davidson,


1970 Blitzkreig, launching day

Tramp, KZ 1332
à jour au:
197? plan L. Davidson,


1974 NZ Half Ton series: 3e/33, Richard BLAKEY

Comment and picture from Facebook 2021, "Tramp was in Gisborne for years"

"Laurie Davidson had made his mark in the early 1970s with his heavy displacement Half Tonners Blitzkreig and Tramp. However, after they had been beaten by Farr's Titus Canby, Davidson, as with Paul Whiting, began looking more closely at the light displacement"
 "the owner of tramp was Tony Bouzaid who as you would know commissioned Waverider which won a few 1/2 ton world titles"