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2 Ragnar Hawkensen design Built by Kiwi Boats shipyard: "Illusion" & "Mercury":

Comment from Facebook 2021: "She did have a tube structure, not as extensive as IMP but same idea of frame taking the mast compression, rig loads and keel box structure all aluminum tubes and plate"


Illusion, US ????
à jour au: 1979
1978 Plan Ragnar Hawkensen. Built by Kiwi Boats

1979 February, SORC, Florida: 2e/?? Classe F, ??

From Facebook 2022,

Mercury, US 28800
à jour au: 1990
1977 Plan Ragnar Hawkensen. Built by Kiwi Boats shipyard

1977 US Half Ton Cup: 46 pts, 5e/12, ??
October "Latitude 38", US Magazine

1978 Owner, Dave Allen

1979 February, SORC, Florida: 3e/?? Classe F, ??
US Half Ton Cup: 5e/12

1983 Golden Gate Mid Winters: 2e/?? IOR C, Richard BERRIDGE

1987 Richmond YC Big Daddy Regatta: 1er/?? Dividsion H, David STEED
April "Latitude 38",

1990 Golden Gate Mid-Winters: 2e/?? lOR C 1, Richard BERRIDGE, SFYC

Picture from Jonas 2021,