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Kamehameha, (KA) H 17
A jour au: 2016
1980 plan Sparkman & Stephens,


1983 26 décembre, Sydney Hobart: 70e/173 elapsed time 3d05h25', TCF 0.7079, Athol TOWNLEY

1985 26 décembre, Sydney Hobart: DNF/178, Athol TOWNLEY

1989 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

26 décembre, Sydney Hobart: 51e/108 elapsed time 3d14h25', TCF 0.7044, Athol TOWNLEY

???? New owner Kamehameha Syndicate

2008 27 décembre, Launceston to Hobart: 17e/??

2009 27 décembre, Launceston to Hobart: 12e/??

2016 27 december, Info and picture from race website, "Regular successful competitor in Half Ton and Div 6 fleets in Hobart for meny years. Competed in many Sydney to Hobart races in the 1980/1990 and won Hamilton Island series. 17th in the 2008 and 12th in the 2009 L2H."

27 décembre, Launceston to Hobart: DNF/??, Frank CHATTERTON