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Beach Inspector, KA 2277 (ou 4277)
à jour au: 2016
1979 Plan Dubois, Kevlar and Klegecell construction, lenght: 9.40m, Fractional 3/4


1980 Launched
South Solitary Island Race: 1er/??

1981 Sydney Mooloobala Race: 1er/??
Brisbane Gladstone Race: 1er/??
Montagu Islande Race: 1er/? Div
October "Offshore",

"Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

Southern Cross: ?e/33, New South Wales Team: ?e/11 including
26 décembre, Sydney Hobart: 5e/157 elapsed time 5d11h57', TCF 7202, G. JONES

2006 In the Tamar, comment from forum: "a blast downhill in a blow - still one one the greatest Gladstone performances ever - 315 miles in under 33 hours in an IOR 30 footer"

2016 Recently seen at Beauty Point, owner: Tim Ferguson