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No Expectations, K ????
à jour au: 2019
1972 plan Julian EVERITT design #0014

Extracts and pictures from "27 years of Half Ton designs", Posted on November 11, 2019 by Julian Everitt
Design #014: After the rule changes hit us so hard we did a follow up boat, "No Expectations", and addressed the chine ‘ penalty’ by running it right aft to the transom. That technically made it a hard chine boat so we could keep the beam measurement right to the edge of the chine. There was nothing we could do however about the waterline beam problem, but we did extend the waterline back even further by bringing the rudder up from underneath the bustle to behind it. It seemed to work pretty well, but as is so often the case the two boats never sailed against each other. In fact that is a historical element of this entire half ton development. I know of no situation where any of these designs have sailed against each other!

Picture from Everitt Facebook 2019,