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Roller Coaster, K 5296
à jour au: 2014
1979 Plan Humphreys #19

From Humphrey website: "Design number: 19 Year: 1978. Roller Coaster was something of a milestone project. Gordon Hoyle, who had originally purchased a Conquest 23, was behind what became the first Humphreys design to make an international mark. He commissioned a yard in the West Country to produce the mould tools for the Mistral 31, and when these ran late the time available to build Roller Coaster for the 1979 Half Ton worlds was compressed dramatically. In fact the bare mouldings were shipped to Lymington so that Humphreys could co-ordinate the completion, and get his hands dirty as well. It was a skin-of-the-teeth job and Roller Coaster first set her sails at 3 am on the morning of the first race of the British Half Ton trials – the famous Round-the-Island race. It was an early start that year, around 6 am, and the weary crew only just made the Cowes line in time. It was a very light start to the day and the engine installation had been canned as part of the crisis fit-out plan (the sail area had to be reduced accordingly for the boat to rate).It was not until half way round the course – off St.Catherine’s Point – that Roller Coaster came on the wind for the first time, and it was a bizzare sensation later to be crossing the finish line with a huge lead on the next Half Tonner, with half the crew unable to keep their eyes open. It had been a hard few days but Roller Coaster proved that she had great promise...."


1979 Launched the day before Round-the-Island race
British Half Ton Trials:
9 juillet, HALF TON CUP, Scheveningen: 2e/??. G. & J. HOYLE
Picture from Alamy Stock Photo,

Photo extraite du livre "L'année Bateaux 1979-1980"

? "Bateaux"

Glafki II, GR 5296
Aegian Trophy: 1er/??, Ioannis ALAFOUZOS

2003 ORC Measurments

2013 Renew of ORC Certificate, (also noted as Mistral 31)

2014 GPH: 696.8