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Hambo, OR S 55
à jour au: 2017
1968 Plan Olle Enderlein, built in mahogny planking on ash and oak structures.

1968 Baltic Race: 1er/??
Skaw Race: 1er/??

Mistress, OR S 55
, La Rochelle: 5e/28,
Octobre "Les Cahiers du Yachting"

??, OR S 55
17 aout, HALF TON CUP, Sandhamm: ?e/42
Photos archives revue "Bateaux",

Hambo, OR S 55
1970 HALF TON CUP, Sandhamn: 19 - 28 - 17 - 22 - 14 = 17e/33, O. FJAESTAD


2017 New and second (only) Owner: Martin Still, who send this picture,

2020 September, from Facebook Martin Still, "1968 Half Tonner "Hambo" by Olle Enderlein. Mahogny planking on ash and oak structures. Finished 4th in Half Ton Cup that year. A mould was made of her and 110 boats built by Hallber Rassy called "Mistress 32". We bought her from original owner family four years ago and intend to keep her forever. In my mind one of the prettiest halfs ever built."