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?, (KA) H 10
à jour au: 2017
1985 Plan Whiting


Third Degree, H 10

???? New name:

Recycled Recreation, H 10

2006 Australie Skandia Geelong Week: 6e/46, Tim CAMPBELL

2007 Skandia Geelong Week: 22e/47

2008 Skandia Geelong Week: 18e/53

2011 20 janvier, Audi Victoria Week: 13e/14

2017 February, Excellent racing yacht with a great record. Fun and easy to handle. Whiting design, well constructed marine ply epoxied foam sandwich, no water ingress or any other problems. Kevlar sails, new spreaders and rigging. New rudder fitted at a cost of $10,000. Great looking boat. If you want to win races, this is the boat for you! 1985 WHITING HALF TONNER FOR SALE$17,990