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Lock On Wood, KA 100
à jour au: décembre 2018
1983 or 1985 Plan Ed Dubois, L: 9.5 or 9.2m, Built in wood,

"Lock On Wood" is a classic IOR half ton yacht. Under previous owners, it has completed four Sydney Hobarts and two Launceston Hobarts.

???? New owner, Peter Greeves
Lock On Wood, 100

20?? New owner, Ron Akhurst, and new sail number
Lock On Wood, H 100

2015 27 mars, IOR Cup, Bellerive YC: 3 - 3 - 3 = 4e/7 Div 2, Ron AKHURST

2016 4 September, AMS Rating0.797AMS Cert and AMS Date: 28343
9 décembre, North Sails IOR Cup, Bellerive YC: ?e/??
Pictures from Bellerive YC website,

2018 December, "Ed Dubois half tonner Lock on Wood preparing for the IOR Cup in Hobart"