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?, G 1333
à jour au: décembre 2019
1977 Plan Peterson, Contention 30 #1977 A70


1977 Demo-boat for the german dealer of Contention and Contessa yachts, Jürgen Schwern
Kiel week: ?e/??
Northsea-week: ?e/??

1978 Kiel week: ?e/??
Northsea-week: ?e/??

1979 Kiel week: ?e/??
Northsea-week: ?e/??

1986 Sold to the Netherlands, she was raced and cruised mainly on the Ijsselmeer.

Hooded Man, G 1333
New Owner: Jan Kuffel
Zuiderzeeweek: ?e/?? ORC4, pictures from Sebastiaan van Vliet    

Few races on the Ijsselmeer

2015 February, mail from Jan Kuffel, with all information and pictures below: "she still carries her original sailnumber G1333 and is currently based in Lelystad, the Netherlands. I bought her a year ago in a pretty sad state, sailed and raced her during the last season and am currently refurbishing the boat."

29 July, after refit,
from Jan Kuffel:

August, Flevorace, on the Ijsselmeer, planned.
NRW cup: 2nd in class

2016 German GPH: 723.7
Coldhanded Cup: 2nd overall

DYC cup: 1st overall

24 septembre,

25 septembre,

2017 German GPH: 723.5
September, received from Jan Kuffel 2015 and 2016 pictures

2019 From Facebook,

Juillet, For Sale - A Vendre Contention 30, 12000 Euros, Voilier de croisière de l'année 1977 de 9,04m de longueur à Schepenkring Lelystad, verkoopsteiger (Hollande (Pays-Bas)), Année: 1977, Long.: 9.04 m, Largeur: 3,14 m, Tirant d'eau: 1,7 m, Marque du moteur: Yanmar8, Puissance: 8 CV