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Chrys BOYD

Mode d'emploi; Instruction for Use

1987 June "Afloat Magazine",

Puppeteer 330, with different deck mouldings:

Betty Boop IRL 285 Puppeteer 330, Owner John Alvey. IRC.915 Poolbeg Yacht Club, Built Harland and Woolf Shipyard, Belfast;
Picture from Vincent 2018,
Free Spirit IRL 467 Puppeteer 330 ?, ex "Nido";
Nido IRL 467 Puppeteer 330 ?, renamed "Free Spirit";
Renegade K 1690 ex Skboo;
IRL 421, Built by Harland and Woolf shipyard., 1984 HTC, Troon: 38e/38, Philip Watson, Holyhead-Howth: 2?e/34 B1, 1985 ISORA, 4/7 races: 11e/25 B1, 1986 ISORA, 4/7 races: 12e/28 B1, T. O'Reilly, 1987 Abersoch-Dun Laoghaire: 1er/21 Halfs, T. O'Reilly, Raced in Howth Yacht Club 1990's;
Picture recieved from Vincent D (2018),
Skboo IRL 1690, 1982
, HTC 84: 18e/32;
Trinity IRL 286 voir ci-dessous - see below;
Wheeker IRL ? Puppeteer 330, 2019 Picture received from Andrew Stensson;

Whoszat IRL 550 Puppeteer 330s, 1984 HTC, Tron: 29e/32, Holyhead-Howth: 14e/34 B1, J. Rice, 2019 Picture received from Andrew Stensson and Picture from Northern and Southern Ireland racing yachts past and present Facebook;


2014 November, Dun Laoghaire marina. No sail number visible. Carrickfergus written on the transom, by Vincent Delany;


Lofting Puppeteer -is a picture of the moulds for first puppeteer 330 being prepared in Ron's private garage in Northern Ireland. (From Vincent 2018),

à jour au: 2010
1981 Plan Chris BOYD. Puppeteer 330S, construit par McWilliam UK & Ocean, 30.57 foot

1981 HALF TON CUP: ?e/32. ?, (vu sur photo half 81)
Race record 1st Tomatin 10 R "B"

1982 Scottish 1/2 Ton Cup: 1er/??

1983 West Highland week, 1er/??

1984 Ailsa Craig Race RUYC: 1er/??
Isora race #4, Holyhead-Howth: 15e/34 B1, W. NIBLOCK

1986 Isora Race #5: ?e/20 B1, W. NIBLOCK

???? Under current ownership she has been successfully raced in Strangford Lough. (full road trailer).

2000 At East Down Yacht Club, (picture from Vincent D. received in 2018)

2010 For sale Puppeteer 330 30.57', in Belfast N. Ireland. ex Trinity, Owner comment: "Trinity is a fast and exciting boat to sail. Well mannered on all points with a crew of five".
This boat has been sold

Picture from Northern and Southern Ireland racing yachts past and present Facebook 2018,